Verranne Fabrics

Verranne fabric is composed of cut, discontinued and twisted E glass fibers,

produced by blowing action. Its composition gives it a soft and fluffy aspects. Verranne fabric can easily gain in thickness thanks to its constitution. This natural fiber owns high thermal qualities.

  • Thermal qualities: glass fabric with a melting pot at 800 °C and continuing exposure to 550 °C.
  • Good surface aspect: allows an homogeneous impregnation.
  • Flexibility: Verranne fabric is flexible and light. It allows to take a lot of aspects, a good advantage for the manufacture of complex moulds.
  • Absorption dampness: Verranne fabric is composed of glass fiber, natural fiber which don't keep dampness.
  • UV and chemical products resistance : OK

Verranne fabric is used as reinforcement for elastomer moulds but also for moulds and industrial tools manufacture.

  • It is cheaper than carbon fabric.

Associated product: glass mat 

Using: moulds construction, composite prepreg reinforcement.

Weave : Plain, Satin, Twill

·    Using of our verranne fabric : 

  • Tooling
  • Modeling
  • Aeronautic
  • Car industry

Référence Largeur Composition Poids gr/cm Armure Fils/cm CPS/cm Traitement Propriété Marche Domaine
Tissé 20320 1000 verranne 660 TEX 500 taffetas 3.8 3.8 test Matériaux pour applications composites,
Tissé 20741 1000 verranne 200 TEX 205 taffetas 6 4.2
Tissé 20974 1000 Verranne 660 TEX 900 Satin 4 6.8 6.6
Tissé 20991 1000 verranne 125 TEX 100 taffetas 4.1 4.1
Tissé 20995 1000 verranne 660 TEX 580 sergé 4/4 4 3.9